University Student Success and Advising Center

The University Student Success and Advising Center is committed to treating its family members (staff, faculty, and students) with dignity and respect. It is a safe space that supports civil, candid, sometimes passionate, but always sophisticated and nuanced dialogue over complex issues. But that said, it does not tolerate, permit, or turn a blind eye to hatred and bigotry. It will work to dismantle structural inequities and ensure each family member lives, works, and learns in an environment that permits them to flourish, fulfill their aspirations, and reach their goals. #SycamoreStrong

Welcome to the University Student Success and Advising Center! We serve all students at State, providing professional academic advising services and various support programs. Ultimately, our goal is to help ensure Sycamores experience a successful start to their academic career at State!

Vision Statement: The University Student Success and Advising Center will support students by promoting high-quality advising, instruction, tutoring, mentoring, and collaboration with campus units.



  • Instilling in students a sense of personal responsibility for and commitment to their academic success
  • Promoting professional excellence and accountability on the part of the staff, faculty, and administrators
  • Providing students with access to high-quality, developmental, and transitional academic advising
  • Providing high-quality instruction and scaffolding to support academic advising and teaching from the academic colleges
  • Collaborating with campus partners to develop advising best practices and build a responsive and developmentally appropriate network of assistance for students 

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