Veteran Services

Welcome to Veteran Services

Indiana State University is an approved veterans benefits institution - a yellow ribbon school Indiana veterans can trust - and is prepared to offer you the support needed to use the education benefits you have earned. In addition, the University participates in the Veterans Choice Act. Our student services staff and admissions counselors will help you find out how best to use your previous military education, skills, and interests to achieve your career objectives.

All Service members should speak with their Educational Services Officers (ESO) or counselor within their military service prior to enrolling at Indiana State University or any institution of higher education.  Whereas military funding is limited, it is important for all service members to use all their resources in making any educational decision.



Programs and Services

  • Academic Programs: More than 100 undergraduate majors, 75 graduate programs, and hundreds of courses are offered each semester. Selected courses and programs are offered via online learning.
  • Benefits Programs: Our staff will help you apply for the education benefits you have earned, including federal and state programs offered through Veterans Affairs and the Indiana Commission of Indiana Division of Student Financial Aid.
  • Student Services: The University offers a comprehensive package of student services, including assistance with admission, credit transfer (including military education), registration, housing, and much more.
  • Veterans Resource Center: This center offers student veterans a central location for benefits information as well as a place for camaraderie and relaxation between classes.
  • Visiting: Personal campus visits can be arranged to fit your schedule and academic goals. In addition, special events and preview days are scheduled throughout the academic year.
  • GEM Program
  • AU-ABC Programs

Note: Student and graduates of the Community College of the Air Force should visit Transfer Central for transfer information.